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Before accessing the admin page, make sure your router is powered ON and your Pc or Laptop is wired to Ethernet Port (port 1, port 2, port 3, and port All the routers are designed in such a way that they have built-in setup page. With this web based setup page, you can customize the settings and all...

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May 01, 2015 · By the way, the setup above causes the baudtec to only provide 300 Mbps to the router (1 LAN Connection) then your asus router provides it to the rest of the devices connected (Wifi) + LAN; Like a Bridge. Also as a side note, when you setup the asus router, make sure it is not connected to the baudtec modem first.

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Upgrade firmware. Find Cellspot router related step-by-step tutorials for Cellspot Wi-Fi Router.

Jul 23, 2012 · Using Asus' Firmware Restoration Utility I uploaded the tomato build 2.4 VPN version of the firmware. The utility reported everything was succesful (it didn't hang at any point - contrary to the guide's insistence that it would). I waited a minute or two and I still don't get anything. Now you can control your ASUS router through the Alexa Voice Service (AVS). Get the most out of the voice-enabled cloud service by pairing an Alexa-enabled product with a supported ASUS router. The convenience of voice commands means you can get things done without lifting a finger.I have a home based Asus router which I have been using for last 3 months. Recently, my manufacturer provided with an update which deteriorated the performance. So I uninstalled the update and my ISP asked me to change the password for safety reasons.