Bmw m30 camshaft

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Aug 07, 2015 · If you know your M10's, you know BMW doesn't make this an afternoon project like, say, a Chevy 350 engine. No, BMW insists you remove the camshaft and rocker shafts, and to do so requires you to remove the cylinder head from the engine. No big deal, that's a chore that takes around 3 hours working at a reasonable clip.

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M30 Engine The M30 engine is almost as simple as the M20 engine. You only have to check two things, the camshaft is correctly located and then the crankshaft is correctly located. BMW E30. New products Used products Cars for recycling. Catalog. Camshaft and Camshaft sets. Oilpipe for camshaft. Cylinder head. Intake valve.

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Jan 20, 2016 · Ok, I restored the whole engine, almost everyhting is new inside, rebuilt the whole thing, the oil pump is ok, the problem is that the pressure pops my camshaft seal out and my distrtibutor fills with oil, this happens after about a minute after the engine starts, could it be a faulty pressure relief valve ?, or something obstructed ?... my 735 is 1988 E32 euro, (the year of the menu did not ... 1989 BMW 735i Engine Camshaft: 735i (E32) - 3.5L 6 Cyl (12 Valve) 1990 BMW 735i Engine Camshaft: 735i (E32) - 3.5L 6 Cyl (12 Valve) 1991 BMW 735i Engine Camshaft:

* Available for BMW M10, M30, S14, S38 and Lotus twin cam. * BMW S54 under development. * Cast in LM25 and heat treated, or magnesium alloy by special order. * Bespoke or one off machined from billet by request