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• Equipped with variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), charge air cooler (CAC), electronic fuel injectors, closed crankcase ventilation (CCV), exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), and exhaust aftertreatment (AFT) system. • Engine produces 425 hp at 1800 rpm and peak torque of 1650 lb. ft. at 1100 rpm.

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The factory reman is remanufactured by Detroit Diesel with all genuine Detroit parts. The in-house reman is remanufactured by Fitzgerald Glider Kits using a combination of Detroit parts and some aftermarket parts that we have tested over the years for better longevity, fuel mileage, and durability. 500 Horsepower 1650 Torque J-47388-A Injector Cup Remover & Installer W470589000700 MH064002 Application: DD15, DD13, Detroit Diesel This tool is used to remove and replace the injector cups.

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Torque — OBD2 Performance and Diagnostics for your Vehicle. On the tuning front, I'm half Farmer (Green Tractors), Retired USAF F-15E Driver 2003 F350 Non BulletProofed 155K 2007 F350 Non In regards to the Torque Pro, does anyone know if you can perform injector balance tests with it to...Leaking Injectors DD15 Discussion in ' ... Also do u know torque settings for fuel lines and for gasket? Thx Dericho1982, Jan 19, 2020.

Detroit Diesel engine information, parts/service manuals, flywheel housing SAE sizes, torque specifications, and model identification charts. Visit us online! Hello, I'm a bit stupid haha, i saw this week a youtube video of Jardier and his new DD1, and in the comments i read something about the "Torque key" ...