Diaboromon strikes back

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Ultimate Power! Burst Mode Invoke! Sinopsis: Se ha desatado un mal en el mundo humano y todos los DATS son capturados y sumergidos en un sueño eterno. Ahora, ¿quién podrá salvar a la humanidad?

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Two years ago, Tai and Matt put an end to Diaboromon's evil plot using the sword of Omnimon – or so they thought. Unfortunately, Diaboromon survived the fight and is now trying to make his way to the Real World, recovering from his wounds and scheming until the time is right to make his move. Revenge of Diaboromon. Diablomon Strikes Back! Comparison by Guest Reviewer B. However, the kanji for "Diablomon Strikes Back" is replaced "Digimon: Revenge of Diaboromon".

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Diaboromon Strikes Back. Three years after the events of Our War Game, it was discovered that Diaboromon had survived his battle with Omnimon and had used the time in between to reproduce as millions of Kuramon.

diaboromon vs omnimon. diaboromon strikes back. Рік тому. Kuramon, Tsumemon, Keramon, Chrysalimon, Infermon, Diaboromon & Armageddemon Special Attacks And Victory Poses!