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Key vocabulary words MUST be highlighted throughout the notes. Chapter outline notes will be due on the 1st day of lecture for that chapter. Chapter notes will be graded as homework. A 2”-3” 3-ring binder will also be required. All course materials, including notes, homework, practice problems, etc will be kept in this binder.

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Feb 04, 2005 · Homework 4 due. Solutions [ ps | pdf ]. Homework 5 [ ps | pdf | Latex] out; will be due on Wednesday, March 16. The Post Correspondence Problem is Undecidable Recitation 6 (Thurs Mar 10): Undecidability. Reading: Chapter 4 (up to page 176), Sections 5.1 (except 181-182), 5.2 Practicing with decidability and undecidability

11/06: Homework 5 is out. 11/06: Midterm 1 solutions on Sakai. 10/14: Friday lecture (10/16) canceled, will be rescheduled. 10/14: Homework 4 is out. 10/14: Homework 2 solutions on Sakai. 10/04: Homework 3 deadline extended by one week (10/16). 09/29: Notes for lectures 1-10 updated. 09/23: Homework 3 is out. 09/22: Homework 1 solutions on Sakai. Karwan Jacksi's Academic and personal website is Documents, Seminars, Publications, Workshops and Projects are listed in this website. The Materials for the Courses I teach can also be found here. These courses are given to students at the Computer Science department at University of Zakho and IT dept at Duhok Technical Institution at Duhok Polytechnic University. Zakho ... Nov 10, 2010 · - Due as homework #4, Monday, Oct. 25 (turn in last 2 pages only) 9: 10/18. 9-1 Guest instructor, Prof. Edward Kannel. Traffic shift assignment method for Corridors · Reading from NCHRP 365 · Lecture Slides- Due as homework #5, Wednesday, Oct. 27 (see page 20 of power point)