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Our all-new logic puzzles are a great way to hone students' math vocabulary skills. This new version of our puzzles does NOT require any Java applets. We have crosswords puzzles with three levels of difficulty as well as a word search. All resources are interactive, engaging, and include a timer. Solutions are also provided.

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Educational and recreational 1000+ free puzzles for teachers, students and parents. Including Math, Geometry, Logic, Sudoku, Weight, Moves, and Misc. categories. Every puzzle has an image, hint and solution. Be a member for puzzle solutions. 這個網站是為教師,學生和家長專門設計的 ...

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An integral part of the puzzle is that those who have solved it are urged to keep the solution a secret, so there is no solution posted here. It is not a hard puzzle to figure out however. A claim that often accompanies these instructions is that the smarter an individual, the greater amount of difficulty the individual will have in solving it. The 15-puzzle and its smaller version, the 8-puzzle are classic sliding puzzles, consisting of numbered square tiles which can be slid in a frame using an empty slot. The object is to slide all tiles where they belong using the empty space.This site was created for easy printing of sudoku puzzles. All sudokus have been properly checked to ensure a unique solution is possible per sudoku, and solutions are available for all of them. Distribution of sudokus The images and data at cannot be distributed through other sites or media.

This 61 steps video provides a quick and easy way to understand how Skyscrapers puzzles should be solved. The video presents a Classic Skyscrapers 5x5...Skyscraper's Elevator Zebra Puzzle Five businessmen are side by side using the elevator to go from the parking lot to their offices. Follow the clues to determine who has the biggest salary. Comics Kingdom The best comic strips, political cartoons and puzzles in all the land.